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The Need for Periodically Screening and Re-Screening Your Existing Employees with Background Checks – Free Whitepaper Download - Hiring Guide Report 2022

For a positive future of work, it is important that all organisations ensure that every employee is privately and professionally positive in their life behaviour, both now and over the months and years ahead. If an existing employee commits a criminal offence, it can significantly and negatively impact their organisation. Hence, it's crucial today to perform ongoing periodic checks throughout their employment.

Companies need to be more alert about this during their hiring process. Candidates must be screened thoroughly, and all information related to their backgrounds, professional experience, and educational qualifications must be verified. Failure to do so can cost the hiring company months in lost productivity, thousands of dollars in salary and hiring costs, and may damage the company's culture, brand, and reputation.

Employee screening is the practice of investigating talent for any misconduct or changes in their circumstances. On one hand, this may be considered invasive; however, it may also be prioritised as an important part of the ongoing health of the workforce checking and verification process. Employee screening is something that, first and foremost, any employer needs to do. A business needs to plan justified ongoing screening of its employees in order to mitigate and minimise risk.

In this report, we discuss:

- How widespread is employee screening?

- How does talent screening during the course of employment work?

- Criminal record checks

- Ensure the greater safety of your business after hiring a new employee

- Can Employers Re-screen Employees?

- What employers should follow while conducting checks during the course of employment

- How to conduct ongoing background rescreening?

- What may an employer expect to find when a check is done during employment?

- Consent regarding the continuous screening of employees

- Employers are increasingly running social media check

- Reduction in time required for employee screening

- Veremark candidate & employee screening

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