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Prioritising Diversity and Inclusion – Free Whitepaper Download - Hiring Guide Report 2022

Future of Work: Prioritising Diversity and Inclusion, with Reduced Human Bias in the Selection Process, & Nurturing the Best Culture

Diversity in the workplace refers to a company's employee base that includes people with different characteristics such as culture, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability. A diverse company has a positive and progressive percentage of representative mix of employees across the seven dimensions of diversity as a proportion in the overall workforce population. A diverse company, which represents the wider local and international population, is better positioned in the marketplace to attract top talent, win customer loyalty, and improve retention, achieve higher employee satisfaction, and boost decision making. This leads to a strong brand identity and a virtuous cycle of greater financial returns and enables a business to gain a competitive advantage and attract and retain diverse talent.

Diversity is important to attract talent amid the “Great Resignation” wave, improve client service and stay ahead of competitors in the marketplace. Workplace diversity improves the reputation of the organisation and also has many direct tangible benefits and a correlation with financial performance. According to McKinsey's research, diverse companies outperform industry norms by 35% while companies with specific gender diversity outperform the industry by 15%. Companies with gender, racial and ethnically diverse employee base perform 25% better than their competitors who lack diversity within their organisation.

In this report, we discuss:

- What is diversity and inclusion at the workplace?

- Why does diversity matter?

- What are the top advantages of D&I?

- How can human resources (HR) work with companies to prioritise D&I?

- Reducing Human Bias in the Selection Process

- What is human bias in the selection process?

- What are the common hiring biases?

- How to remove bias from the hiring process?

- Importance of Nurturing Culture at the Workplace

- Why has culture become a strategic priority for the organisation?

- What is nurturing culture?

- Why is it important to nurture a culture?

- How does Emergenetics help in nurturing culture?

- D&I Assessment

- How to assess D&I?

- Real-world D&I Case Studies

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