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Hiring & Onboarding Contract workers in Professional Services Firms – Free Whitepaper Download - Hiring Guide Report 2022

New advancements, such as work from home, co-working spaces, and video conferencing, are empowering working environments. Companies and businesses are well on their way to creating smaller talent pools of full-time workers, which can be supervised and managed by seniors and partners operating from various parts of the world. Many companies are also hiring specialist skilled workers for undertaking a portion of specialised jobs that will require a shorter or longer duration of time.

That being said, the professional services industry has encountered a huge shift in the most recent years. IT jobs, especially the cutting-edge & innovative arm of the industry, have encountered even more strategic shifts, leading them to deliver an ever augmenting digital transformation.

Digitisation and automation has been gaining attention over the past three years, which has created a pool of jobs in the BPM sector. Currently the market is valued at $180-220 billion as per the NASSCOM-McKinsey Report, leaving a lot of room for further development in the sector, as well as a higher number of skilled occupations.

In this report, we discuss:

- Hiring in the times of the pandemic

- Expanding specialist skills & outsourcing contracts

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