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Global Contractor Gig Worker Trends Report White Paper

“32% of companies across industry sectors are willing to swap full-time employees with contract workers". While in the past, some sectors and industries were lightyears ahead in terms of the technology they deployed, this has changed. Technology has been the key in driving innovation and solutions across all industries. This is no difference when it comes to human capital. This whitepaper provides an overview of contractor gig workers in current times. It goes in depth to discuss on:

  • Why work dynamics are shifting, why talent is leaning towards contract gig work, and what are the trends that are fueling these changes
  • How the gig worker economy’s shifts have brought about changes in how companies offer these contracts and manage them
  • The key factors in this shift including the changing aspirations of the current workforce and the requirements of businesses
  • How the trends have accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, changing technologies, and different needs and aspirations of both organisations and people

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