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Challenges in Hiring for the FinTech Sectors – Free Whitepaper Download - Hiring Guide Report 2022

The LinkedIn Job Seeker 2021 report found that around 75% of all working professionals are likely to change jobs this year or are already looking for a shift.

This comes after the economic situation in the USA and the rest of the world had taken a significant beating in 2021. While the world gradually recovers from the disruption caused by the pandemic, opportunities are still hard to come by. Moreover, there has been a growing sense of insecurity amongst job seekers and this has made life difficult for recruiters.

During the pandemic, the recruitment landscape evolved in unexpected ways. The year, 2020, was a landmark year for the FinTech ecosystem. It galloped its way to becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors. This is because more and more people were forced to board the digital bandwagon. It ensured a lot of traction and cash inflow for the FinTech companies.

But it also pushed the traditional financial institutions, which were loath to go digital, towards redundancy. They were left with no option but to either adopt the new practices or go extinct. But it goes without saying that such a massive overhaul requires more than merely investing in modern tools. It ensured a significant change in the way FinTech and the traditional banking sector looked at hiring.

Through this whitepaper, we would like to discuss the current challenges that recruiters in the FinTech sector are facing and how Veremark is making hiring a seamless affair for its partners.

In this report, we discuss:

- The emergence of the FinTech sector

- What is propelling FinTech growth?

- What have been the top priorities for HR leaders in the FinTech landscape?

- Key challenges in FinTech recruitment

- What is the way forward for the FinTech sector?

- How is Veremark streamlining the hiring process in the FinTech & Financial Services sector?

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