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Centres Of Excellence Around The World For Hiring Specialised Talent – Free Whitepaper Download - Hiring Guide Report 2022

Every enterprise is a digital enterprise today. The wave of digital transformation changed the dynamics of how the enterprises of yesteryear functioned. Having a skilled workforce that is ready for the emerging technologies and the evolving business landscape has become critical for businesses to sustain and excel in this competitive world. One of the biggest challenges that the CXOs are facing is to have a talent pool that is upskilling at the same pace as that of technology. The fact that the digital landscape is evolving in faster and shorter cycles makes it a goal that is almost impossible to chase. In a PwC survey, 44% of business leaders acknowledged that their speed of technological change is insufficient and 32% agreed that the reason is the unavailability of the required key skills.

It is clear that the Tech, Software and IT businesses that put the very best people and talent strategy in place will prosper. The competition to secure the best-in-class talent is hotting up, and talent needs to be sought out and secured in many locations around the globe.

This is where CoE or Centres of Excellence - designed to bridge the gap of tech expertise required by enterprises - comes into the picture.

In this report, we discuss:

- What are Centres of Excellence (CoEs)?

- Why should enterprises invest in a CoE?

- Benefits of investing in a CoE

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