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Background Screening for Fintech: Everything You Need to Know – Free Whitepaper Download - Hiring Guide Report 2022

Background screening for Fintech is crucial to help busy employers make great hiring decisions. With Fintech leading the way as one of the most disruptive sectors in the business world, employers are having to move quickly to keep up with regulatory and industry changes while still maximising recruiting opportunities.

Compliance background checks are increasingly important, with regulations such as MiFID 2, Sarbanes Oxley and PSD2, and the need for Equivalence across international financial markets. Background screening is one area where Fintech employers have a real opportunity… Automation is a no-brainer. It offers additional transparency, a better candidate experience, more effective and efficient employment screening processes - all at the click of a mouse.

This becomes even more important when you consider that failing to carry out due diligence can result in severe consequences. Background screening helps Fintech employers define, understand and manage hiring risks and remain compliant.

In this report, we discuss:

- What Makes Fintech Different?

- Why Should Employers Carry Out Background Screening in Fintech?

- AML and Compliance For Fintech

- How Fintech Background Screening Improves Customer Service

- The Role of Background Screening in Company Reputation

- The Best Background Screening for Fintech

- Background Checks for Fintech

Automated Screening. Safer Hiring. Trusted Service.