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One-stop HR platform - to help simplify all HR administration!

Zalaris offers a united payroll solution for your global business. They are a large and competent team of payroll specialists with 20 years of experience in transforming payroll, having extensive knowledge in local taxes and legislations. Zalaris solutions for HR leverages their deep HR insight and experience, cutting-edge technology platforms and applications as well as a portfolio of flexible service delivery options.

Key features

One Integration with any global HR solution

One application, one user interface

Global oversight, local compliance

Anytime, anywhere – mobile

HR System

One HR information system – to manage your entire employee life cycle. Zalaris provides a flexible, global core HR solution that supports core HR processes and employee self-services for your total workforce.


Your global business may have an ecosystem of separate HR & payroll solutions; we can unite them. Every country has different payroll legislations; we can simplify this for you.

Workforce Management

Optimise the productivity of your employees with Zalaris Workforce Management. We offer flexible, collaborative scheduling between you and your employees, available on your smartphone.

Talent Management

Zalaris solutions for talent management mixes our deep HR insight and experience with cutting-edge technology platforms and applications.

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