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Remofirst is an all-in-one platform to pay and manage global employees based anywhere in the world without needing additional entities.

Remofirst hires your full-time employees and/or contractors on your behalf in 150+ countries. No need to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars setting up a local entity. Pay, manage, and onboard full-time employees and/or contractors using locally compliant contracts and local currencies. Avoid any misclassification risks, pass compliance audits, and manage your international workforce in one place.

Key features

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

International Contractor Payments

Global Payroll and Invoice Management

Global Benefits Management

Global HR Platform

When you use Remofirst, your team’s hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions are automatically calculated into payroll. Compliance documentation is securely accessible via your dashboard and management of international HR becomes easy.

International Benefits

Set up payroll and benefits all at once. Premium health insurance (medical, dental, and vision), equipment (laptops, monitors, chairs) and financial benefits (international pension plans and 401(k) retirement) are all easy to supply and manage.

Bulletproof Compliance

Avoid expensive compliance mistakes and protect your IP. Set up everything right from the start to avoid risk, fines and prevent lawsuits down the line. Their team of legal experts and HR professionals will help you stay compliant and get ahead of changing regulations globally.

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