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Hire global talent instantly

Playroll runs a technology-enabled global platform, specially geared towards companies who are looking to expand their team globally and retain talent. Through our network of international subsidiaries, Playroll enables its clients to hire in over 170 countries without the need for a local entity.

Key features

Playroll is powered by the VAT IT Group, which has over 20 years of global employment experience

Dedicated customer success teams

We handle all the compliance and legal requirements so that you don’t have to.

Ready-made compliance infrastructure

3 hires in 3 countries means creating 3 new entities, paying 3 new payroll agents, tons of time and further unseen costs once you commit.

Turn ‘red tape’ into a ‘green light’ to hire

Offer people on the other side of the world their dream job in minutes, without having to solve the red tape, headache and chore of local employment regulations.

Dive into a bottomless talent pool

Access new skills and offer frictionless, locally compliant work contracts with quick, remote employee onboarding.

Automate worldwide employee onboarding with a human touch

From a single point of support, to employment severance legal assistance, your Playroll experience is human-backed.

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