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CEIPAL is an industry-leading AI-powered talent acquisition automation platform.

CEIPAL takes great pride in supporting a diverse set of customers through a wide range of integrations with their client MSPs. Their client businesses are an integral part of MSP-driven business models and CEIPAL has been a backbone to their customers in integrating its workflow with their MSPs.

Key features

AI-powered applicant tracking which automatically delivers high-quality talent to your dashboard, while integrating with your workflow for talent acquisition.

VMS that automates the entire process of acquiring and managing contingent talent.

Recruitment CRM which offers candidate engagement and talent marketing to drive success.

Talent Curation & Pipelining

Curate talent from multiple sources and consolidate all candidate searches to one place. CEIPAL lets you easily categorize candidates by relevant criteria, including skills, location, pay range, and more.

Bridging the Diversity Gap with AI

Discover the benefits of their proprietary AI Diversity Algorithm for evaluating employee and supplier distribution by gender and ethnicity. Easily assess your workforce, create a plan to address gaps, and then effortlessly implement your plan to achieve diversity goals.

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