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Voice Ai based Candidate Xperience Platform that enhances candidate experience across all stages of hiring cycle

Callify enables recruiters to communicate in their own voice with clarity, consistency, and high degree of human touch. Callify enables higher coverage of candidates, enhanced response rates, accurate screening at scale and better engaged candidates.

Key features

In-built Process Automation Flows (20+ flows)

Pre-screening, Assessment, Interview Scheduling, Offer Release, Post-Offer Acceptance, Pre-Joining Engagement, Post-Joining NPS. Additionally micro-processes like Confirmations, Reminders, Notifications, Alerts etc

End-to-end automation

Callify can get integrated with your sourcing channels, ATS, across processes (auto-triggered) up to post joining with near-real-time automation.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

All campaign data is stored under CRM, so the recruiters can search and re-use past data to optimize the candidate data. Search, Filter candidate data based on skill, location, status and re-target.

Mobile App for Recruiters

Dashboard will be available to recruiters on Mobile App (iOS + Android) so that they can monitor the responses and taken actions on the go.

callify sounds authentic

record your own voice, so the recipient knows it’s you retaining human touch

callify knows best time to call

callify ai has learnt when to make calls & follow-ups to get optimum response rate

callify auto transcribes calls

callify highly accurate english speech-to-text ai delivers instant transcriptions of calls

callify keeps recipient experience in mind

recipients can call-back, re-initiate calls, know who is calling

callify auto screens responses and qualifies

using nlp ai techniques, callify can match & rank your responses for easy qualification

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