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Hire the best with Interview Intelligence

BarRaiser is on a mission to help companies hire exceptional talent faster while conducting structured and fair interviews.

Key features

Interview Assistant

AI tool to assist interviewers with questions, notes, real time insights, alerts & provide world-class  experience to the candidate

Candidate Scorecard

Objective yet detailed evaluation report for every candidate improves decision making & visibility thereby helps in raising the hiring bar

Feedback tool

Say NO to typing long feedbacks, instead use BarRaiser AI recommendation to fill the feedback in just few clicks

Smart Scheduling

Tired of co-ordinating with candidate and interviewers for scheduling. Use BarRaiser Interview OS to schedule effectively and reduce cancellations

AI-powered Interview Assistant

  • Real time assistance to make interview better
  • Prevents illegal/ unethical questioning
  • Access to 20k+ questions

Comprehensive feedback in just 2 mins

  • AI powered Bias Removal
  • Smart Feedback Recommendations
  • Recorded Interview & Transcripts

BarRaiser Scorecard for every candidate

  • Hiring Recommendation from BarRaiser AI
  • Tagged Interview Recordings for quick reference
  • Faster debriefing and decision making

Interviewer and recruiter training

  • Customised training for interviewers
  • Detailed Quality report for every interview
  • Use Interview Snippets to train recruiters and interviewers

Automated Interview Scheduling

  • Enable candidate scheduling to remove manual hassle
  • Sync Interviewer's calendar to get availability
  • Speed up hiring process by faster interview scheduling
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