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UK Right to Work Check: Is your Candidate Eligible to work in the UK?

Veremark’s Right to Work (RTW) Check service offers UK employers confidence when making hiring decisions and recruiting new applicants. Every candidate’s situation is different. That’s why we’ve created a digital journey for UK Right to Work Checks that automatically adapts to each candidate. Our process takes the stress and guesswork out of compliance by providing three options for completing the check (while also providing the basis for a statutory excuse).


A UK Right to Work Check (RTW) verifies that each candidate is legitimately permitted to work in the UK. This check is the employer's obligation, and failure to conduct the process correctly can result in jail time or penalties. Veremark’s UK RTW service guides candidates through the relevant journey, easing the administrative and time-intensive burden for employers. The new digital approach helps streamlines the process by removing the requirement to check documents in-person. 

There are three options for completing the compulsory check:

  • Digital  - candidates will be guided through the steps of identity verification through our partner IDSP Hooyu. This option is available for all candidates who can provide a valid (in-date) passport issued by the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.
  • Online sharecode - available for candidates who can provide a sharecode during the application process. Veremark uses the sharecode to conduct a Home Office online right to work check via the UK government database. The official report is made available on the Veremark platform for the client to view. 
  • Manual (Document upload) - for candidate’s not able to benefit from the other two journeys, Veremark will prompt the candidate upload relevant identification documents, such as a UK birth certificate or a letter from the Home Office. The Veremark team checks the documents to assess their applicability to establishing the candidate’s right to work status and will note the findings on the results. The client can use the notes, upon seeing the candidate face-to-face, against the relevant documents - helping to establish the right to work.

Veremark’s digital identity verification will provide employers with the basis for obtaining a statutory excuse. However, it is also  important for employers to check the results of the identity verification check against the individual presenting themselves for work to help ensure they are not an imposter. The employer is also expected to retain a clear copy of the check results for the duration of the individual’s employment and for two years after the employment has come to an end - which can be done via the Veremark platform. 

Employers who conduct Right to Work checks correctly can rely on a statutory defense against claims of compliance violations, showing they have taken consistent and compliant steps to guarantee they are only employing individuals with authorization to work in the UK.

UK Right to Work Check Service


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How is the candidate guided through the digital journey using identity verification technology?

Throughout the journey, candidates are provided with real-time prompts and advice on how to provide documents and how to go through the likeness check. This includes guidance on how to take a high quality image, allowing us to confirm their identity more quickly. 

Candidates using a computer will have an option to upload pictures of  their documents directly from their computer. There is also the option to continue the request on a mobile device, even if they have started the process on a desktop.

Who will be able to go through the online checking sharecode service?

The service is only available to non-British and non-Irish passport holders. For example, anyone who falls under the EU Settlement Scheme, anyone who has a UK Visas and Immigration account, a Biometric Residence Permit, Biometric Residence Card or Visa. Basically, we can check anyone who can provide us with their sharecode.

What is the process for Digital ID for the candidate?

During their HooYu journey, candidates will need to provide their explicit consent for Veremark to use and process their data. They will be asked to turn on their video camera to establish their likeness and they will be asked to upload one or two documents, depending on their situation and the checks that have been ordered.

What is GPG45 and what do the different levels mean?

GPG stands for Good Practice Guide and is the core guidance on Digital Identity. It sits within the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework

GPG45 sets out four levels of confidence in terms of proof of identity. These are:

  • low confidence (Not used)
  • medium confidence (RTW & Basic DBS)
  • high confidence (Standard DBS & Enhanced DBS)
  • very high confidence (Not used)

In the main, we are delivering Medium Level Confidence Journeys, and High Level Confidence Journeys. Medium Journeys can be used for RTW checks.

Who will not be able to go via the Digital ID route?

Everyone else, including British citizens with expired passports or those without a passport.

Who will be able to get a Digital ID check?

Only candidates who are able to provide a valid (in-date) passport issued by the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland are to get a digital ID check.

What happens if you don't do a right to work check?

If you hire an illegal worker and do not properly verify their permission to work, you could be subject to a civil penalty. If you are found guilty of hiring someone who you knew or had "reasonable grounds to suspect" did not have the right to work in the UK, you could receive a 5-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine.

What happens after you place an order?

‍Once you have provided the contact details for your candidate we will email them and ask them to visit our secure portal to complete a quick form providing the necessary information to start the check.

Results will be emailed to you immediately, unless during the ordering process you specify that you prefer to download the results from our platform. In that case we will send you login details to access.

When should a RTW check be carried out?

Before a new employee begins their job, a company must conduct a compliant right to work check. Failure to conduct the process correctly can result in jail time or penalties.

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