Schneider Electric Case Study

Daniel Callaghan
April 20, 2022
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About the customer

Schneider Electric is an energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability


Global - headquartered in France

Number of employees

10,001+ employees


Carol Poh, Talent Acquisition Manager - based in Singapore


Schneider Electric was actively looking for a solution for reference/background checks when Veremark had reached out. Schneider Electric regularly conducts employment screening for sensitive roles such as those in the Finance, HR, and Legal departments.

Before Veremark

Schneider Electric was previously using another regional vendor who were “service-based, and not automated”. They also received minimal support from the vendor hence decided to go on a hunt for another solution.

How Schneider Electric decided on Veremark

Veremark’s product proved to be a “one-stop-shop for various things” Carol and her team needed including background and reference check. 

On top of that, Carol’s buying experience with Veremark proved to be quick and seamless as Veremark offered “flexibility of bundling with bite-sized packages”.

“It made it easier to commit and get buy-in from the organisation as we can buy checks as we need to. We appreciate the flexibility to pick and choose what we want as a lot of other vendors are not as flexible with pricing, and do not offer a one-stop-shop,” said Carol.

Post-implementing Veremark

Prior to Veremark, a background check check would typically take up to 3 weeks. After implementing Veremark, reference checks are completed within 10 days within many parts of the check completed in 24hs.

“We found Veremark very easy to use and highly responsive.  The templates add consistency to our process and we can initiate the checks with no effort at all.”

Veremark Experience

On average, Carol’s team sends out 5 offers per month and her team uses only the Veremark platform for all background checks in Singapore.

Some benefits of Veremark according to Carol at Schneider Electric include: 

  • The platform being easy to use, and acting as an efficient assistant by automating reminders when checks are not done,
  • “Questions that Veremark offers are very comprehensive. It is the template used in the industry”.

Additional Questions for Carol

On background/reference check

Before Veremark, we were using an alternative supplier or doing the checks ourselves manually.  Both options were slower than wished and hence Schneider Electric were looking for an alternative solution.  They were aware that automation is playing an increasing role within Talent Acquisition and recruitment but had not applied it to this part of the process.

“We saw Veremark as a simple way to get started and use automation to eliminate a lof of the manual work we were doing” 

On using Veremark

Once the company had set up its account, it was able to use it within minutes and start ordering the checks.  The account manager set up and trained the team on how to use.  

“We have several team members using it who all find it very helpful.  We are now looking at how we can use it across new markets”