RGF Case Study

Daniel Callaghan
April 24, 2022
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About the customer

RGF is the global brand of Recruit Holdings, the world’s fourth-largest HR and recruitment services company and the largest in Japan, generating over US$16 billion in annual net sales. For more than 58 years, RGF provides comprehensive HR and talent acquisition services which include retained and contingency executive recruitment and market mapping, senior to staff level specialist and contract recruitment as well as payroll services. RGF operates in more than 46 locations across 26 cities in 11 countries and markets in Asia with in-country specialist consultants. RGF Executive Search focuses on senior executives to middle management search in order to fulfill organizational goals, strategic planning development, and overall decision-making that affects the entire business organization.


Headquartered in Tokyo

Number of employees



Mike Wilkshire, Director Engineering, Construction & Property - based in Singapore


Mike Wilkshire spearheads recruitment efforts of technical staff to the Industrial & Engineering industries at RGF and sits in a team of five. Veremark had reached out to RGF and provided an in-person demo where “initial credits were provided” for use after.

“Historically, we always did referencing ourselves, manually,” said Mike.

The biggest pain point with this method was “getting hold of referees as we often had to make three, four or five attempts which became very time-consuming.”

Mike had previously been aware of automated reference check softwares but had never used such a solution before.

Post-implementing Veremark

“We didn’t take long at all to get up and running”with Veremark,” commented Mike.

His team alongside a few other teams started using Veremark soon after the initial sales demo.

"On average, Mike manages up to 20 candidates per month equating to up to 60 reference checks to be done in that period".

Mike shared, “It’s mandatory in our team that we conduct at least two reference checks with our candidates.”