Lexer Case Study

Daniel Braithwaite
March 21, 2022
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About the customer

Lexer helps some of the world’s most iconic brands and retailers transform into customer-centric businesses


Global - headquartered in Australia

Number of employees

51-200 employees


Kate Clarkin, VP of Talent - based in Australia


There was a huge challenge in recruiting and onboarding talent, due to the competitive nature of global hiring during the rapidly changing environment of the covid pandemic. Veremark was selected by Lexer for its automated, integrated, and trusted platform and service. 

Main takeaways 

Why did Lexer need to do background checks?

“In terms of priorities for Lexer, as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) business, we need to be a trusted supplier, where the security and integrity of the rich data for clients is vital. Therefore, our people need to be carefully background checked so that our clients have complete peace-of-mind when working with Lexer.”

“There was a demand for increasingly specialised talent, however the available supply of suitable applicants was often at a lower level, which meant increased competition to find and offer talent the right offer and experience.”

Why was Veremark chosen as your background screening partner?

“The Veremark interface is really easy to use, and to see accurately where people are in the process. It’s very easy to add new people on the platform, and it’s straightforward to use the chat function by posing a question in the morning, and usually receive a response within 24 hours.”

How is your experience so far with Veremark?

“Any interaction I have had with the sales and customer success team at Veremark has been polite and helpful. People are happy to answer pretty quickly, or there is a rapid turnaround. The prompt on chat to come back in a couple of hours is useful and helps to manage expectations, and the response timeframe is generally met.”

“The Veremark account management team noticed the volume of checks that we were doing and proactively suggested we moved from credit to invoice, which was very helpful. This will help us immensely during 2022 as our recruitment ramps up!”

“With the demand for hiring during 2022, and the rapid increase in recruitment, Lexer requires efficiency, to move fast, lots of planning and HRTech and services partners who can scale with our needs.”

“All the reference checks are done objectively by the Veremark SaaS platform and service for Lexer. No manual checks are done by Lexer, otherwise the reference checks may be done with an inbuilt bias to always positive feedback for prospective hires.”

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