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Say goodbye to repetitive manual checks and hello to streamlined, verified credentials that are stored safely and shared easily. Furthermore, this is all done digitally.

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Fast turnaround times

Hassle-free verification

Easy to set-up, fill-out, and make changes to online and through smartphones, every time!
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Rapid onboarding

Much faster for the business and the candidate to build trust and be up-and-running fast!
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Speed up business

Improve and maintain the velocity of innovation, customer-engagement, and commercial activity.
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Save time and money

Only do the full background check once, then optimise time & reduce costs checking just the latest changes.
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Up to date records

Confirm complete and verified candidate details every time they are needed.
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Superior Security

Always know that business and candidate data is safe, secure, and tamper-proof.
Global Hiring trends are shifting to Contract Work

Veremark Career Passport does the work, so you don’t have to

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  • Mitigate risk in recruitment with our comprehensive background screening platform.

  • Get fully customisable employment checks that can be tailored to all industries and roles.

  • Our global trusted service team is always there for you. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

  • You can us ‘Pay-as-you-go’. So you have the flexibility to run background checks as your hiring scales with your business.

For Businesses

● Rapidly onboarding new & urgent talent, when the business needs it.

● Time saving and improved cost reduction for new candidate onboarding.

● Delivers an improved candidate experience, by involving them.

● Helping businesses with continued scale and growth.

For Candidates

● Helps people find the right work contracts faster.

● Finding new and fluid Opportunities for contract workers.

● Motivating & improved interviewing hiring  experience.

● Managing their own data gives candidates more security and a stake in their future.

We can't wait for you to experience Veremark Career Passport

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Career Passport FAQ's

Why are Verified Career Credentials so important?
When we perform background checks on a candidate, we’re basically verifying that the candidate is who they say they are, that they have indeed done what they say they’ve done, that they don’t have a history of criminal activity or managing situations poorly and that other people would vouch for their skills, expertise and experience. In other words, we’re surveying their career credentials.
What are Verified Career Credentials?
Everything from identity, visa and work-right documents through to academic qualifications, past employment records, credit and criminal history and references fall under career credentials. This information contains highly sensitive personal data. If these documents fall into the wrong hands, it leaves candidates at high risk of fraud or identity theft.
How does the Veremark Career Passport work?
With blockchain technology, career credentials can be checked once and safely stored for as long as needed. They can be shared easily and adding additional credentials can be done as required. Once verified, the information remains current and secure (unless they expire, in which case expiry details will be visible too).
Why is the Veremark Career Passport so important?
Every. Single. Time. A candidate moved from one role to another all their career credentials would need to manually be re-verified. This can take weeks and cost the BPO significant amounts of time and money. Plus it delays project starts and delivery times and exposes both the screeners handling candidate documents and the candidates themselves to unnecessary work and risk. Goodbye repetitive manual checks... Hallo streamlined, verified credentials that are safely stored and easily shared. All electronically.
How does the Veremark Career Passport work for the Candidate Experience?
Candidates have an electronic wallet with all the career credentials safely stored on blockchain. And candidates get to decide which screeners they want to give access to what information. In other words, candidates will now hold their own verified career credentials and share it with screeners or employers as required.

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