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Why Having a Streamlined Background Check Process is Necessary for The Banking and Finance Industry?

FinTech & Financial Services growth gains pace, with a need be regulatory compliant

Large-scale financial technology (FinTech) organizations are in a race against time to find employees who can match the pace of quickly developing markets, as the organizations expand on the latest and upcoming technology. The emergence of this vibrant sector has further minimised the gap between technology and financial services. All of this has only increased the need to attract, engage, and retain young leaders in these organizations.

background check for financial services
Background check for financial services

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the search has become even more crucial than before as employers and candidates must adjust to a completely different hiring experience. Nonetheless, market movements are well in progress—both in the way organizations recruit and, in the characteristics, they're searching for.

As FinTech businesses acquire prominence, there is a great interest in the sector and the explicit skills and abilities it has to offer. Nonetheless, when it comes to hiring the right talent, the demand surpasses supply. Consequently, it is a competitive market and firms in the business are moving quickly to discover talented workers to satisfy their requirements.

bank employment background check
Bank employment background check

Across all enterprises, the digital revolution has been sped up by the pandemic, driving organizations to quickly track their recruiting plans. Cutting-edge techniques such as artificial Intelligence and automation have now become necessities for development in a post-pandemic work environment. Even though the hiring strategies were advanced in the pre-COVID period, the pandemic has only sped up their utilisation as organizations are reconsidering how they recruit and conduct onboarding processes. 

Key Challenge: Cybersecurity

As organizations look forward to making more digitised candidate interactions, they also need to ensure that such interactions are both helpful and secure, by looking into concerns relating to fraud protection, security, and product advancement to configure controls such as validation. 

With the vast amounts of information that is analysed during the hiring process, organizations must be able to figure out how to recognise threats, as a result of collecting sensitive data to coordinate. Hence, having reliable and efficient security controls in data analytics is the need of the hour.

Arrangement: Financial Regulations Check

Financial guidelines are crucial for firms working in the financial technology business such as banks, credit card companies, insurance agencies, financial intermediaries, and resource administrators. However, guidelines are more than just having rules in place—it also means having continuous oversight and putting these principles in practice to avoid any financial risks.

banking background check
Banking background check

Hence, before allowing technology to help controlled operations, it is important to research and screen candidates to guarantee that they are suitable for a financial services job.

The level of transparency and safety required in the sector can be achieved with the help of certain checks that include background checks, ID checks, global sanctions checks, reference checks, academic checks, criminal checks, adverse financial checks, civil litigation checks, adverse media checks, professional qualifications checks, directorship checks, social media checks, and regulations compliance.

finance industry background checks
Finance industry background checks

Veremark: Industry Leader in Global Background Checks

Veremark's scope of checking and screening administrations by obliging them to give their partners reliable and accurate data has made it one of the most favourable applicant screening platforms. Here are some of the benefits of Veremark’s background check process:

1. A spotless and advanced technological setup that has access to world leading ATS, CRM and HRIS platforms gives a direct background screening to assist hiring leaders with characterising, comprehending, and overseeing any recruiting hazards.

2. Fully customisable and dependable background screening that can be tailor-made for any organisation and job.

3. Choice of online historical data for work that can be utilised by the HR teams of all enterprises and areas. This incorporates mechanised reference checks, character checks, insolvency checks, common individual verifications, credit checks for work, etc.

employment background check bank
Employment background check bank

Way Forward

Candidates in the FinTech industry expect that any screening will be as quick, up-to-date, and accurate as the innovation they are working with and creating. Candidates will be dependent on the internet and digital checks instead of the paperwork. Neglecting to give quick, effective and creative checks may send the very best candidates to your contenders.

It is impressive to observe the degree to which candidates can prove to be useful to any organisation, provided they are outfitted with the right innovation and skill set. As we develop to a contactless life, there is presently a solid case for organizations to make the mutually beneficial idea of work-from-home a basic part of their HR strategy for the not-so-distant future. Coordinating innovation and advanced skills with individual life cycles will be at the centre of this change.

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