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Veremark – The Velocity for Hiring Speed Guaranteed

Veremark – Velocity for Hiring Speed Guaranteed

Veremark velocity is the new benchmark in HRTech background screening.

Businesses everywhere can rely on Veremark to boost hiring speed, be extremely accurate, and to deliver every time and on every day. The Veremark fast and intuitive platform and service is the right choice for your talent hiring requirements.  

The world for both employers hiring, and people seeking work, has changed. How people view jobs and why they take jobs has become an altogether different beast. With the ‘Great Resignation,’ becoming a part of life, and contributing to what some have coined the ‘Great Hesitation’. Ensuring that candidates' experiences are seamless, effective, and practical, and adding regular value to the hiring process, has become increasingly important.

With hybrid and completely remote work options becoming more attractive to candidates, companies have to be quick, decisive, and accurate about who they hire. This can be tricky without fast, precise, and effective solutions like Veremark.

Companies have renewed their focus on the right skills, as well as the correct culture fit. This presents the challenge of speedily garnering a clear picture of each candidate, and the strength of both their hard and soft skills. The soft skills are not easy to assess over calls and interviews. You would benefit from an efficiently deployed reference check, from previous colleagues or managers. Veremark ensures that reference checks are thorough, and, of course, fast.

Veremark knows the importance of trusted, accurate and timely delivery of screening results. Companies across 180 countries rely on Veremark to deliver on the promise of rapid hiring for multiple country and sector markets. Our users have given us 4.8 stars on Capterra.

Sprint into the future with the velocity of Veremark. 

Veremark velocity

For companies looking to onboard employees in a short period and looking to mitigate hiring risk, the velocity of Veremark is the ideal approach for rapid hiring across all sectors and markets.

It is essential to remain competitive in a market requiring focused and fast hiring for very specialised technical and commercial candidates.

There are a number of sectors that can leverage the velocity of Veremark to achieve their business goals:

Businesses in the FinTech sector can leverage the velocity to fulfil urgent growth requirements, relying on Veremark to help to sustain growth in an increasingly regulated environment.

Client contracts in the Professional Services sector require a rapid and effective background checking solution, to assist with delivering against project plans and priorities, and drive bandwidth to execute new ones.

HR Staffing & Recruiting thrive and grow with the speed and accuracy of Veremark, to ensure they can enhance value for their clients and offer a wider array of services.

The Tech / IT / Software sector requires velocity in their hiring all the time, to find and onboard the very best specialised talent quickly, across the world.

BPOs look for consistent accuracy and hypervelocity in hiring speed, and can richly benefit from the matching focus and rapid delivery of Veremark.  

Velocity of performance

There is no room for inefficiencies. Veremark’s screening services are enabled with automated processes to ensure a smooth-running experience for all businesses. Enter your hiring and screening parameters using the flexible Veremark UI, and a detailed report will be swiftly delivered that delves into every relevant detail of the prospective candidate’s background. The reports are accurate and to the point, allowing for decisive hiring actions and decisions.

The Veremark tried and tested systems and services focus on helping you increase your performance and glide towards improved productivity.

Trusted velocity by Veremark

Akin to the performance of Formula 1 cars, Veremark is fast, accurate, and reliable. We don't just run quick background check services, we also ensure that your business's success is a central focus, and that being competitive is key.

We provide quantifiable, tangible data to help you stay competitive in a world where the hunt for talent has become a vital aspect of winning. Speed and accuracy cannot be compromised when your competitors take every opportunity to gain an edge.

Our prerogative is to help the world trust faster because everyone, when hiring, screening and onboarding new talent, needs to have trust in every way and at every step. Background screening, that is extremely fast, accurate, and reliable, has never been more crucial to businesses.

At Veremark, our door is always open. Take control of your talent needs, jump into the driver's seat, and experience the velocity of Veremark. Sign up for a free Veremark account today.

Better Candidates. Faster Hiring.

Don't let background screening slow you down. Screen fast and land the best candidates today. Get started for free by hitting the button below.

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Better Candidates. Faster Hiring.

Don’t let background screening slow you down. Screen fast and land the best candidates today.
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