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The benefits of a career passport

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A career passport can improve the onboarding experience for both candidates and employers, as well as provide HR departments with useful information throughout employment, but what is it and how does it work?

Background checking has been considered a vital part of the recruitment process for some time, but many roles also require repeat checks throughout an employee’s career. However, HR departments are also beginning to realise the value in repeating checks for all employees, not just those which are required for compliance.

People change, employees gain or lose skills, and qualifications can expire, meaning that some checks that were carried out on day one of an employee’s position may no longer be accurate or relevant. But just as importantly, some things just will not change, an employee’s work history for instance.

With the results of background checks so fluid in nature, and their results having potential impact on an employee’s ability or legal right to carry out their work, repeat background checks are necessary for both compliance and good practice.

But carrying out background checking can be time consuming and costly, and repeating unnecessary checks puts additional strain on valuable resources. However, with analogue HR systems some waste is inevitable in keeping an employee’s file accurate and current, and until now this just had to be absorbed.

The very latest background checking software now provides the ultimate solution to the problem of ongoing checks. For candidates who are checked through Veremark, a career passport is generated for each employee. This fully auditable profile includes the details of all checks, providing an easy to interpret report which demonstrates compliance. In addition, the passport shows the date of any previous checks which can highlight the need for more checks throughout the workers employment.

The Veremark Career Passport reduces the strain on HR departments and eliminates the cost of unnecessary checks. Providing a digital trail of an employee’s career with your company, while delivering an accurate and efficient record of all checks and their results, HR departments can use the passport to inform future or ongoing checks, whilst the candidate can also use it in their next role.

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