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Quick guide to ID Checks

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When onboarding new staff it is crucial that employers are confident that candidates are who they say they are to mitigate the risk or fraud of foul play which might threaten the business. Employers must be able to rely on their staff and a trustworthy workforce is one of the most valuable assets a business can have.

Pre-employment identity checks are comprised of two elements, the first confirms the attributed identity of the candidate, including their name, age and place of birth, and the second verifies the biographical identity, such as address history and country of residence.

Identity checks make use of a variety of elements to ensure that the check results are accurate, and usually include the verification of official identity documents such as passports or driving licenses, as well as address verification through utility bills, electoral roll and/or credit database.

The CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) warn that prospective employees may lie about their identity financial gain or to avoid detection, but also to obtain genuine documents (such as payslips) legally. Therefore, it is crucial that the identity of all new employees is confirmed to protect your business, other staff and your customers against imposters.

Identity checks are also useful to corroborate the identity information obtained from or used by other checks, such as DBS, providing an extra level of protection that is virtually impossible to cheat.

Identity checking has become even more crucial with the increase in remote working due to the coronavirus, as well as in recruiting from the global labour market. In both cases, face to face contact prior to hire is rare, these checks help mitigate the risk of hiring someone who is impersonating someone else or attempting to forge their identity.

Veremark are world leaders in digital Identity Checks and you can request identity checks for your candidates within seconds as a single check or as part of a check bundle. Our easy to use software will keep you informed of where you are in the checking process and results can be obtained in as little as 2 days.

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