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Making HR Human Again

Making HR Human Again

The human aspect of Human Resources (HR) is perhaps the most important element. While being efficient and effective with clinical precision is awesome, a clinical and rather sterile work environment isn’t all that pleasant. Emphasising efficiency while still focusing on human beings is the way forward.

Diversity brings perspectives

Of course, when dealing with humans, we have to be aware of emotions. Having a high emotional intelligence quotient is vital amongst HR executives. It helps them better understand and motivate employees. The same goes for cultural intelligence. With geographic locations no longer being a barrier for human capital, cultural intelligence has become much more relevant today. Having a better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds makes it easier for employees to interact. A culturally competent HR team also helps them make the entire team work together better.

While diversity at the workplace is all the rage today, by itself, it may not improve efficiency or creativity. However, it can certainly increase the perspectives available. Whether it is opening jobs up to people of different ages or people from different cultural backgrounds, having a diverse work environment is a great way to make sure you are focusing on keeping HR human. Allowing people to be themselves with no pressure to masquerade allows them room to focus on the important aspects of their jobs.

Insights profiling and training can play a huge role in increasing your HR department’s efficiency. Understanding what makes people tick is a great way to know what they need to be at their best. It isn’t just about getting the best out of your team; it is also about making sure they do what they enjoy the most.

The importance of rewards and recognition is well-known to anyone in HR. Make sure you create an effective, structured reward and recognition program for your employees. Take the effort to see what it takes to execute a role flawlessly, then be sincere when thanking your team for their extraordinary effort. Allow yourself and your team to celebrate little victories, and take a moment when you’ve completed a challenging project to pat yourself on the back.

Enhance engagement

Another well-known fact is that employee engagement goes a long way in making work feel like less of a chore. Keeping your employees inspired isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. There is nothing like having a workforce that can’t wait to come to work because when they get there, they will exceed all expectations. Employee engagement and rewards and recognition programs are some of the best ways to put the ‘oomph’ into your people.

HR departments know that work cannot be done without people. Creating a culture around your core assets - that is you-the people - is an important aspect. Not only does this make people feel more valued and seen, but it also improves how people look at your organisation. Remember that it takes humans to press the right buttons at the right time, no matter how efficient your processes are.

All these are vital elements of keeping your focus on the human aspect of HR. The most important stakeholders at your company are your employees. They should always be valued and treated as a priority. The quicker your organisation assimilates a culture that puts employees first, the sooner you see the results.

Choose a trusted HR partner.

The pandemic has been tumultuous for everyone, businesses and employees alike. If your organisation hasn’t realised the importance of treating your workforce with kindness, respect, courtesy and dignity, then you have quite a battle ahead.

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