Instant Background Checks And How It Transforms The Hiring Process

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Instant Background Check on Employment History: Advantages and Best Practices

Considering how competitive the landscape of talent acquisition is, it’s imperative that employers make hiring decisions as fast as possible. However, deciding in haste can cause companies to miss critical red flags and not thoroughly verify qualifications and credentials, leading to bad hires. 

With an instant background check, employers can now verify crucial information about the candidate’s employment history quickly and accurately. In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What an instant background check is 
  • The importance and benefits of doing a quick background check
  • Best practices for instant employment check
  • Criteria for choosing a background check provider for instant employment reports 

What is an Instant Background Check for Employment? 

An instant background check or instant employment check is a service designed to quickly verify the employment history of a job candidate. Background screening companies use advanced technology and databases to provide immediate confirmation of an individual's reported previous employers and employment dates. The primary aim is to expedite the hiring process by offering employers a fast, accurate way to validate a candidate's professional background.

What Does an Instant Background Check on the Candidate’s Employment Profile Reveal?

An instant employment report can reveal the candidate’s past employers and the time they spent at the company. These details can help give employers a glimpse of their skills and identify red flags, such as lying in their resume and reference fraud. It can also reveal if the applicant is working several roles simultaneously (moonlighting).  

The Importance of Quick Background Checks for Employment 

Without instant employment reports, organisations often resort to manual employment verification. This is a time-consuming process, involving manual checks, phone calls, and awaiting responses from previous employers. Depending on how far back you want to check and the availability of the involved people, manual checks can take weeks. 

Taking this much time runs the risk of losing top candidates to faster-moving competitors. In fact, reports say that top candidates are off the market in just 10 days. 

Furthermore, in the digital age where data accuracy and privacy are critical, the traditional methods may fall short, posing legal and compliance risks.

It is for these reasons that an instant background check for employment has emerged as a game-changer. Below are additional advantages of utilising quick background checks:

Reduced recruitment costs 

An accelerated hiring process reduces the time to hire, which then reduces recruitment costs. Recruitment and hiring costs money, so the longer the process is, the higher the costs are. Furthermore, employers may need to increase their offer to their top candidates to compete with the offers they may have already received. Finally, keep in mind that the company has a diminished productivity level for as long as the position is vacant. 

Improved candidate experience

A fast hiring process is a key factor in maintaining candidate interest and engagement. Instant reports convey a sense of urgency and respect for the candidate's time, enhancing the employer brand.

Enhanced accuracy and reliability

Leveraging advanced technologies and databases, an instant background check offers a high degree of accuracy that can supplement traditional verification methods, reducing the risk of hiring decisions based on erroneous information.

Risk mitigation

Instant reports help in identifying fraudulent candidates and ensuring compliance with employment laws, thus protecting the company from potential legal and financial repercussions.

Learn more about Veremark's instant employment verification here.

Best Practices for Instant Background Checks for Employment 

While the advantages of instant employment reports are clear, their effective implementation requires adherence to best practices:

Prioritise compliance with the law 

The first priority is to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. In particular, check the country’s data protection act. For more information, here’s a 2024 Guide on Background Check Laws

Keep in touch with the candidate

Clearly communicate the background screening process to candidates, obtaining necessary consents and ensuring a transparent process.

Don’t skip adjudication and adverse action

After receiving the results of instant employment checks as well as other background checks, proceed with adjudication. This is the process of weighing the results against the policies and hiring standards of the organisation.  

If the organisation decides against hiring a candidate, ensure that they receive an adverse action notice. This notice may be required by law and aims to give the applicant a chance to access their information and correct any error or incompleteness. 

Here’s a Guide on Adjudication and more information on Adverse Action in Background Checking

Choosing a Background Screening Platform for Your Instant Employment Reports

Here are some things to look for in the third-party provider for your instant background check needs:

  • Immediate or near-immediate turnaround time
  • Accuracy of reports 
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations, including data protection 
  • Seamless integration with existing HR systems (to easily see information and make informed decisions) 
  • Responsive and helpful customer support 24/7
  • Customization options 


Count on Veremark for Instant and Accurate Background Screenings

In need of streamlining your background check and hiring process? Veremark meets the above criteria for a dependable provider of instant background checks. 

With your candidate's tax, insurance, or payroll provider, we can quickly deliver a verified employment profile, including their previous employer and the time they spent at the company. This, of course, can identify reference fraud and “moonlighting.” 

Despite the immediate turnaround time, there's no compromise on the accuracy of the results. This helps prevent hiring mistakes that could be costly to the organisation in the long run.

Above all, Veremark adheres to strict standards to protect candidate information. The service ensures that all checks are conducted legally, with full consent from the candidate, aligning with the data protection regulations. Learn more about instant employment reports here.

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What is an Instant Employment Report?

An instant employment report or instant employment check is a service designed to quickly check the candidate’s employment profile through their tax, payroll, or insurance providers.


What background check do I need?

This depends on the industry and type of role you are recruiting for. To determine whether you need reference checks, identity checks, bankruptcy checks, civil background checks, credit checks for employment or any of the other background checks we offer, chat to our team of dedicated account managers.

Why should employers check the background of potential employees?

Many industries have compliance-related employment check requirements. And even if your industry doesn’t, remember that your staff have access to assets and data that must be protected. When you employ a new staff member you need to be certain that they have the best interests of your business at heart. Carrying out comprehensive background checking helps mitigate risk and ensures a safer hiring decision.

How long do background checks take?

Again, this depends on the type of checks you need. Simple identity checks can be carried out in as little as a few hours but a worldwide criminal background check for instance might take several weeks. A simple pre-employment check package takes around a week. Our account managers are specialists and can provide detailed information into which checks you need and how long they will take.

Can you do a background check online?

All Veremark checks are carried out online and digitally. This eliminates the need to collect, store and manage paper documents and information making the process faster, more efficient and ensures complete safety of candidate data and documents.

What are the benefits of a background check?

In a competitive marketplace, making the right hiring decisions is key to the success of your company. Employment background checks enables you to understand more about your candidates before making crucial decisions which can have either beneficial or catastrophic effects on your business.

What does a background check show?

Background checks not only provide useful insights into a candidate’s work history, skills and education, but they can also offer richer detail into someone’s personality and character traits. This gives you a huge advantage when considering who to hire. Background checking also ensures that candidates are legally allowed to carry out certain roles, failed criminal and credit checks could prevent them from working with vulnerable people or in a financial function.

Transform your hiring process

Request a discovery session with one of our background screening experts today.

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