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HR Pain Points of Background Checking

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HR departments are having to move ever swiftly to onboard candidates in the changing labour market, with process improvement essential in order to reduce the impact on already stretched resources. But implementing an HR system can be time consuming and costly, and getting it wrong could have severe consequences. Companies must get it right first time, so that deadlines, budget considerations and compliance can be met.

In addition, lengthy candidate onboarding processes exacerbate the problem, and extended check times can reduce engagement in candidates. A poor candidate experience is proven to have an effect long after new hires have started in their role; people who have had a negative onboarding experience are twice as likely to seek a new position in the immediate future.

As a result, implementing the right HR systems is crucial, to reduce impact on the business and to provide candidates with that all-important positive experience. And, as the global labour market opens up to allow easier movement between positions, and with the rise in remote working, quick, efficient candidate onboarding will be key. But many HR solutions continue to straddle the divide between digital and analogue, and often remain dependent on paper documents and in person signups, meaning that most of these options will quickly become obsolete in a post-pandemic world.

But there is a solution. The very latest background checking software delivers the fastest most efficient onboarding available today. Future proofed to allow changes within the company going forward, it also offers an efficient and engaging experience for candidates and employers alike with automated checks and notifications further reducing time to hire.

latest background checking software
Latest background checking software

HR departments can request customised checks in minutes and view all their outstanding requests from one central dashboard. With access to global data and verification sources, Veremark collects accurate data and quickly updates candidate profiles, providing an easy to interpret report which can be carried throughout a candidate’s employment journey, in the form of a secure Career Passport.

customized background checks
Customized background checks

Candidate experience is also at the forefront of the technology, with the software providing a positive UX (User Experience). Candidates can respond to information requests conveniently on their smartphone, with access to notifications which keep them informed of where they are in the process.

Veremark is the global leader in technology-based background checking solutions, providing a superior experience at every stage, while saving time and money for employers from all industries and sectors.

background checking solutions
Background checking solutions

Veremark - easy, flexible and cost-effective employment background checking software

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