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How to Improve Employee Security and Protect Your Business from Verification Fraud: A blog about how to get started in employee security and risks.

Digital Solution to Safeguard Your Business From the Risks of Employee Verification Frauds|Veremark

How to Improve Employee Security and Protect Your Business fromVerification Fraud


The present employment environment is facing challenges in hiring ethical people. Companies of all sizes across all industries and sectors face the risk of getting misleading information from fraudulent background verification companies or hiring incompetent candidates who give spurious information during the recruitment process. If you feel that your organisation may face such a risk, read on for the strongest solution to employee background screening. It will help you improve the security of your employees (and lead to a decrease in the wrong hiring decisions), thereby protecting your business from verification fraud.


Risks of fraudulent background check companies


Businesses blindly trust the candidate verification reports of background check companies while making hiring decisions. By doing so, they put the reputation and resources of their organisation at stake. It may be the case that the verification company you hire does not work diligently and honestly in performing checks and submitting one hundred per cent accurate reports to you. Consequently, you are prone to hiring the wrong employees (and increasing the hiring costs) in your organisation. Some background checks companies deploy manual processes and obsolete technologies for verifying the credentials of candidates. They, thus, deliver inaccurate and incomplete information about the candidates.


Therefore, you must explore and deploy secure, trusted, and automated background checking solutions to mitigate the risks of verification fraud and mistakes.


Veremark- An innovative and customised solution to global background screening


Veremark is a digital, secure, and cost-effective global solution to enhance the quality of the recruits you hire into your organisation using its exceptional hiring and candidate experience. It is an employment screening software to help you hire the best talent in your organisation. The automated software takes a pioneering approach to check the backgrounds and testimonials of your existing and prospective candidates. It provides you with the security of onboarding the best potential employee and assurance of successful long-term employment.


The following are some of Veremark’s strengths that make it the optimal digital solution for your organisation:

  • Innovative yet easy background check software that deploys API, cloud and blockchain technologies to perform automated screening checks for effective hiring
  • A global digital solution for HR and talent acquisition teams with networks across the world for diverse hiring across countries and regions
  • Trusted service that delivers reliable results with integrity and honesty and with the assurance of safeguarding people’s credentials
  • Fully customisable to meet your employment verification and background screening needs and work in line with your HRTech platforms
  • Round-the-clock service to the clients encompassing automated background checks of candidate’s reference, identity, bankruptcy, civil background, credit,     etc., and providing real-time updates and notifications to them


In a nutshell


In today’s accelerating competitive times, organisations cannot afford to receive false background check reports. Digital employment verification solutions, such as Veremark, are reliable and innovative tools to gain comprehensive information about potential hires. All in all, Veremark improves the security of hiring the right employees and protects your business from the risks of devastating verification fraud.

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