How industries will change their hiring / checking process post covid19

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While recruitment has seen a brief hiatus in some industries during lockdown, many other industries, for example healthcare, have had to increase to meet demand. And with other sectors now beginning to come out of lockdown, recruitment is set to see a boom as the economy gets back on its feet.

But in just a few short months, the world of work has become almost unrecognisable. While less than 5% of the workforce previously considered home their main place of work, recent research estimates that 60% of UK adults were or are working from home during lockdown.

Employers who had previously believed certain roles on-site only have been forced to reconsider in order to keep business operations going, and now, having experienced proven results, will be hard-pressed to argue that in many situations, remote working is not only possible but advantageous.

But increased home working is just one of the ways that Covid-19 has changed working practices forever. To meet government guidelines, recruitment and HR departments have had to make swift adjustments to their practices, these lessons will provide a valuable roadmap for the future of recruitment, screening, and onboarding.

Virtual Interviews

With people forced to stay at home and adhere to social distancing, the physical in-person interview has become a thing of the past and will likely remain that way for many employers who have experienced how much more efficient a virtual interview is. This mirrors the general trend towards virtual collaboration across all working practices, as people and employers learn that they can get more value out of their working hours by reducing unnecessary travel time and premises overheads.


In many cases, employers have had to furlough workers, leaving fewer people available to carry out necessary tasks. It is crucial that employers look for ways to exploit technology to reduce the burden on labour strapped HR departments. Specialist HR software can massively reduce time consuming practices and carry out bulk operations such as sending out interview invites or requesting background checks. Similarly, digital screening can also create useful insights which can be shared digitally and securely, tracking applicants through recruitment and into employment.

Background checks

With online or virtual screening now firmly replacing traditional techniques, background checking is more convenient than ever before. With more people working from home, access to data may have changed, prompting a necessary rethink on the clearance levels of current staff members. Now would be a good time to consider rescreening staff to ensure that all checks are up to date and mitigate new risks posed by the increase in home working.

While recent developments to the working landscape may have made some employers nervous, there are many specialists ready to provide expert guidance during this difficult time. Veremark are leading the way by offering 100% digital global background checks and can offer crucial advice on safer recruiting for all industries and sectors.


What background check do I need?

This depends on the industry and type of role you are recruiting for. To determine whether you need reference checks, identity checks, bankruptcy checks, civil background checks, credit checks for employment or any of the other background checks we offer, chat to our team of dedicated account managers.

Why should employers check the background of potential employees?

Many industries have compliance-related employment check requirements. And even if your industry doesn’t, remember that your staff have access to assets and data that must be protected. When you employ a new staff member you need to be certain that they have the best interests of your business at heart. Carrying out comprehensive background checking helps mitigate risk and ensures a safer hiring decision.

How long do background checks take?

Again, this depends on the type of checks you need. Simple identity checks can be carried out in as little as a few hours but a worldwide criminal background check for instance might take several weeks. A simple pre-employment check package takes around a week. Our account managers are specialists and can provide detailed information into which checks you need and how long they will take.

Can you do a background check online?

All Veremark checks are carried out online and digitally. This eliminates the need to collect, store and manage paper documents and information making the process faster, more efficient and ensures complete safety of candidate data and documents.

What are the benefits of a background check?

In a competitive marketplace, making the right hiring decisions is key to the success of your company. Employment background checks enables you to understand more about your candidates before making crucial decisions which can have either beneficial or catastrophic effects on your business.

What does a background check show?

Background checks not only provide useful insights into a candidate’s work history, skills and education, but they can also offer richer detail into someone’s personality and character traits. This gives you a huge advantage when considering who to hire. Background checking also ensures that candidates are legally allowed to carry out certain roles, failed criminal and credit checks could prevent them from working with vulnerable people or in a financial function.

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