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How Employment History Checks Help Companies Vet & Prevent Risky Hires?

How Employment History Checks Help Companies Vet & Prevent Risky Hires?

Employment history verification is the process of checking an applicant’s work history. It is usually conducted before hiring a candidate. The process can be done manually, by using software, or by hiring a professional third party company. Employers use this information to make sure that they are not hiring people who have been fired from previous jobs or those with very poor performance on their previous jobs.

The importance of employment verification cannot be overstated because it helps employers make the right decision when hiring new employees and prevents fraudsters from getting jobs. Employment history checks can be used to authenticate an applicant’s identity and verify their experience. It also provides employers with information on the applicant's qualifications, which is an important factor in hiring decisions.

The employment history check has many benefits for both employers and job seekers. Employers get a better idea of who they are hiring, while job seekers are able to prove their worthiness as qualified candidates. The check can be done in person or online by reviewing public records, social media, and other information on the internet. Checks can also be conducted through a third-party company who will do an extensive search on behalf of the employer.

What Information Can Be Released For an Employment Verification?

Employers should not ask for any information that is not relevant to the position. In some cases, employers may ask for a list of references. However, they cannot request personal information such as a social security number, driver’s license number, or credit card numbers.

employment history checks
Employment history checks

The employer can request a list of references and contact information from the applicant. If the candidate provides this information in advance and agrees to provide it upon request from the employer, then the employer may contact these references for verification purposes.

What are the Usual Types of information that are Collected During an Employment History Check?

The data collected may include employment dates and start date, type of employment held, education, job title, employer name, reason for leaving (if applicable), previous line managers, bonuses and other financial rewards relevant and personal references.

how to get proof of employment history
How to get proof of employment history

Employment history records are not as straightforward as it may seem. There are many different kinds of information that can be collected during an employment history check. The first thing that is usually checked is the applicant’s work history, which includes their job title, employer, and location. This can be done through a search in the public records or by calling the previous employer directly. 

How Do Employers Verify Employment History?

Some employers do this in-house by contacting the previous employers of the candidate and asking for a reference. They conduct an interview with the previous employer to find out more about the candidate's skills and qualifications.

how to get employment history
How to get employment history

However, there are some employers who prefer to use third party services that provide verification of employment history. The third party company will perform a background check by investigating the candidate's past work experience, and any other relevant information.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Background Checking Company for Your Business?

It is crucial for every business to partner with a professional background checking company because they are experts in verifying the credentials of a candidate. The most important benefits are:

  • Reducing the risk of hiring people with poor performance on their previous employment
  • Making sure that your employees have the right experience, expertise and skill set for their job position
  • Increasing trustworthiness among your customers

Professional background checking companies usually have access to information that is not easily accessible publicly. They collect valuable information about a candidate and make sure that it is accurate. As such they enable employers to make the right hiring decisions.

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