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How do you make background checks as simple and cost effective as possible

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As the world begins to emerge from lockdown and returns to work, many companies are restarting operations which, due to the uncertainty of coronavirus, have been on a break.

But what with finding ways to be compliant to new working guidelines, such as providing safe and socially distanced working conditions, as well as navigating the impact of the pandemic on the business as well as staff itself, HR departments must find ways to simplify essential processes, such as recruitment, while making them as cost effective as possible.

Background checking is often considered a long and cumbersome procedure. Having to collect hard copies of documents from candidates, approach references, check on qualifications and wait for responses can have a huge influence on the cost and time it takes to deliver on a comprehensive background screening policy. And with the new normal, ensuring that social distancing is adhered to, traditional background screening will take even longer. But the latest technology can speed up these processes and massively reduce your time to hire, all while making it more economical.

Digital and Automated Screening

Veremark are the leading 100% digital screening providers, delivering end to end digital screening on both the employer and candidate side. This greatly reduces costs in terms of time and money, without diminishing results. Candidates and employers access the platform through their smartphone or PC, providing a responsive and engaging UX for candidates, and creating useful insights for employers. Data is also safe and protected against misuse or accidental alteration.

Pay as You Go Screening

Subscription models have become the norm in both the business and public sector, signing up for unlimited or continuous services can be convenient and time saving for large corporations with many employees. However, one size does not fit all. SMEs make up 99% of businesses in the UK alone, and 96% of business registered in the UK are micro businesses with only 0-9 employees. It is these smaller companies which are bearing the full brunt of the economic contraction and must look for ways to cut costs while maintaining integrity. Veremark offers Pay as You Go screening, a flexible and commitment free checking option that allows employers to screen single workers, all under the same compliance, and with trademark Veremark quality.

The uncertainty caused by coronavirus will likely last for many years. Using specialist and experienced service providers can ensure peace of mind and reliable results during this difficult time.

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