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Helping homeless people gain skills and enter the workforce through Beam & Veremark partnership...

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6,455,080 - this is the number of crowdfunding campaigns created in 2019. But none of them are quite like Beam’s campaigns… As the world’s first platform that crowdfunds training for homeless people and supports them as they get stable work, Beam can be seen as a tech platform meets employability service. All in the name of social good.

Funded by the Mayor of London and some of the world's top tech entrepreneurs, and partnered with leading national charities like Shelter and St Mungo's, Beam has proven a powerful new model to help disadvantaged people get into stable work and support themselves.

Of course, part of being work-ready involves having the necessary documentation and background checks in place. And what better way to do this than by partnering with Veremark for automated employment background checks like ID verification, criminal, credit and reference checks.

The platform is particularly handy as it eliminates the burden of paperwork for Beam’s prospective employees and improves candidate experience - everything’s online and they can supply the info needed for the checks via any device (like their mobile phone). Beam only pay for the checks needed,  enabling them to give maximum value to their crowdfunders, without spending unnecessary.

“Veremark was an obvious choice since it enables us to select from a comprehensive list of employment-related background checks; requesting these checks are straightforward and simple and we are kept in the loop throughout the entire process,” explains Beam CEO, Alex Stephany.. 

Veremark CEO, Daniel Callaghan, says “we were delighted to welcome Beam on board - particularly given that their vision aligns so seamlessly with that of our own: to help the world trust faster. We believe honest people should have access and be able to share their full verified credentials in a heartbeat. Where checking someone’s background is less about finding gaps in people’s past and more about your future success.”

Better Candidates. Faster Hiring.

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Better Candidates. Faster Hiring.

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