A Comprehensive Guide to Background Checking Companies and Why They are a Vital Part of the Hiring Process

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What is a Background Check?

A background check is an investigative process that helps with verifying whether or not an applicant for a new role has any criminal records and/or other past / incorrect information that would disqualify them from being hired. 

A background check may also be used to prevent a person with a criminal past from gaining employment / non-paid positions in certain sensitive / protected organisations, such as schools, hospitals, and care homes. 

Background checks are important to verify the identity of someone who is applying for a job or a service. Background checks are used by employers to ensure that the person they are hiring is a good fit for their company. Background checks can be conducted by private companies that offer this service to their clients or by law enforcement agencies themselves.

What is a Background Checking Company and Who Can Use Them?

The services of background checking companies are becoming more prevalent in the hiring process. They provide businesses with the ability to conduct thorough and accurate background checks on job applicants. They can help prevent hiring mistakes and keep companies safe from potential lawsuits, poor performance, and / or low workforce morale.

Background checking is becoming more and more popular in the workplace, which is why background screening companies are becoming a necessity for employers who want to avoid hiring individuals that may be a risk to their company or employees.

Background screening companies are not limited to just providing employment screening services. They can also be used by landlords, lenders, schools, and volunteer organisations when they need to verify an individual's background before they start working with them, or before they become involved in their organisation.

Background checking companies are frequently used by employers to screen potential candidates and periodically for existing employees. They can be helpful in finding out whether an individual has a criminal history or if they have been involved in any civil lawsuits.

Background check companies perform more than 40 types of checking services for employers, such as:

  • Credit checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Employment history checks
  • Education checks
  • Financial checks
  • ...and many more

The Importance of Employment Background Screening In The Modern World

Background screening is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. More and more companies are using it to ensure that they hire the best candidates for their business. It is important to ensure that employees are not only qualified, but also fit for the company culture.

Background screening is important for a number of reasons. 

  • It helps employers make more informed decisions and protect their company's reputation. 
  • It helps companies hire employees with the right skill set without taking risks on hiring candidates who might not be able to produce quality work.
  • Helps employers avoid legal liability by making sure that they are hiring the right person for their company and avoiding liability if someone gets hurt or killed during

How to Choose a Background Checking Company That is Right for Your Business

Background checking companies can provide a lot of benefits to businesses to help with their growth and competitive advantage.  However, some companies may not be the right fit for your business. 

The best way to find the right company for your business is by conducting research on different companies and talking to other businesses who have had experience with them.

The decision to hire a background check company is one that can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

There are many ways to find a background checking company that is right for your business. However, you should always do your research and be sure to ask questions about their policies and procedures before making the final decision.

The following are some questions you should ask when looking for a background check company:

  • What kind of checks do they conduct?
  • How long does it take for them to conduct these checks?
  • Do they have any special offers or discounts?
  • What kind of experience do they have if conducting checks with different businesses and locations?
  • How do they integrate their screening services with other aspects of the candidate selection process, and within the employee experience journey

The Best Background Checking Companies

Background checks are a crucial part of the hiring process. Companies need to be sure that the candidates they hire have the skills, experience and education that are required for the job. As such when hiring a third party provider, it is important to select the best background checking company.

The best background checking companies are able to provide a wide variety of services like criminal background checks, credit history checks, driving records, employment history, and many more covering more than 40 screening categories.

They should be able to provide you with all the information you need in a timely and effective manner, while providing you with affordable rates as well as excellent customer service.

Lastly, they should have a website or platform which provides an effective UI, safe and secure data privacy, easy PI connectivity, and has a free trial or sign up without having to pay everything upfront.

Conclusion: Why you Should Use a Background Checking Company for Your Employees or Candidates

A background screening process can be tedious, but it's worth the effort, because it protects your company's reputation, helps you avoid legal issues, and hires qualified employees who are a good fit for your business.

Background checking companies are a great resource for employers and job seekers to confirm the background history of their potential employees. The current process of hiring new candidates can be a time-consuming task. With the help of background checking companies, it can be done quickly and efficiently. 

You should use a background checking company for your employees or candidates because they are efficient, professional, swift and thorough in their work. They have the resources to provide accurate information at scale and they can save time while reducing unnecessary stress on both sides of the hiring process.

Background checking companies can be found all around the world. The best providers have offices in many different countries, deploying local and global screening solutions for their clients.

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What background check do I need?

This depends on the industry and type of role you are recruiting for. To determine whether you need reference checks, identity checks, bankruptcy checks, civil background checks, credit checks for employment or any of the other background checks we offer, chat to our team of dedicated account managers.

Why should employers check the background of potential employees?

Many industries have compliance-related employment check requirements. And even if your industry doesn’t, remember that your staff have access to assets and data that must be protected. When you employ a new staff member you need to be certain that they have the best interests of your business at heart. Carrying out comprehensive background checking helps mitigate risk and ensures a safer hiring decision.

How long do background checks take?

Again, this depends on the type of checks you need. Simple identity checks can be carried out in as little as a few hours but a worldwide criminal background check for instance might take several weeks. A simple pre-employment check package takes around a week. Our account managers are specialists and can provide detailed information into which checks you need and how long they will take.

Can you do a background check online?

All Veremark checks are carried out online and digitally. This eliminates the need to collect, store and manage paper documents and information making the process faster, more efficient and ensures complete safety of candidate data and documents.

What are the benefits of a background check?

In a competitive marketplace, making the right hiring decisions is key to the success of your company. Employment background checks enables you to understand more about your candidates before making crucial decisions which can have either beneficial or catastrophic effects on your business.

What does a background check show?

Background checks not only provide useful insights into a candidate’s work history, skills and education, but they can also offer richer detail into someone’s personality and character traits. This gives you a huge advantage when considering who to hire. Background checking also ensures that candidates are legally allowed to carry out certain roles, failed criminal and credit checks could prevent them from working with vulnerable people or in a financial function.

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State of Hiring and Background Checks Discrepancies

Veremark’s 2022 Annual Report is based on the background check data collected from over 100,000 checks from companies and professionals across 6 countries and 5 key industries last year.

This report focuses on the state of hiring and background check discrepancies and is an essential guide to all recruiters and HR professionals conducting hires, background checks and onboarding in 2022.

In this report, we discuss:  

  • What areas and factors can Background Checks discover?  
  • Where did the findings come from by country and sector?
  • Discrepancies by top 5 sectors
    • Fintech and Financial Services      
    • HR, Staffing and Recruiting      
    • Technology and Software      
    • Professional Services      
    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Discrepancies by top 6 countries
    • Estonia      
    • Singapore      
    • United Kingdom      
    • Australia & New Zealand      
    • India      
    • Philippines
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