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Automated Employee Rescreening

Veremark’s automated employee Rescreening solution helps you ensure that your employee background information and credentials are always up-to-date, allowing you to mitigate risk, maintain compliance, and create a safer workplace.
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We recognize the strain on busy HR departments so we created a rescreening solution that does the work for you.

Automated Experience

You are in control. Set the required checks and how often to rescreen for each employee and let Veremark’s automated process take over from there.

Comprehensive Solution

All currently offered Veremark checks are available to be used for rescreening employees.

Proactive Employer and Employee Notifications

You will receive a notice a week prior to any rescreens. In addition, employees being rescreened receive an email enabling them to provide consent and any necessary updates to their personal information.

Streamlined Process Auto-Fills Employee Information

Through the Veremark process, previously entered inputs from employees are pre-populated. This Auto-Fill feature not only saves time, but also minimizes the potential for data entry errors that can lead to processing delays.

Let us automate your rescreening program and help your organization reduce risk, maintain compliance, and increase safety.


What is employee rescreening?
Rescreening is an ongoing and periodic check conducted throughout the employment of an individual - the criteria being determined by the organization, the company's screening policy, and the industry/role in question depending on the level of risk.
How often should employees be rescreened?
It's important to rescreen employees at regular intervals. Frequency may be time-based (i.e. annually) or event-based (i.e change in position or location, audit timing).
What is the most important check to conduct in employee rescreening?
The types of checks conducted during rescreening are highly dependent on the role, the company, and the industry in which the company operates. In general, however, criminal checks are the most commonly conducted checks during rescreening. Not only can an individual's criminal record change during their course of employment, but criminal activity is a red flag for all organizations - regardless of the type of business they run.

Other common checks include credit checks, global sanctions checks, social media screens, and drug testing.

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