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It’s free to sign up, easy to participate, and there’s no minimum spend requirement for clients that you refer.

Our programme in a nutshell

Our network of affiliates and clients are earning recurring commissions as Veremark’s partners by referring their fellow HR professionals and other companies to join Veremark.

You too can recommend Veremark to your network and earn 5% commissions every year, for 3 years for successful sales that your referrals spend with us.

Why promote Veremark?

  • Free to join

  • No limits on commissions you can earn

  • No minimum sales requirements

  • Long, 12 month referral lookback period

  • Veremark is new, exciting and fully cloud based SaaS company, which means that we are easy to promote as we can serve clients anywhere in the world

  • Our clients enjoy working with us, and by recommending Veremark you can be rest assured that new clients will be in good hands

  • After signing up, you will have a direct access to your personal referral code

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Benefits for you


We will provide you with free marketing materials (articles, videos, web links) to assist you.


Recurring commissions: Earn 5% commissions every year, for 3 years. (see details in FAQ section)


Our team is always available to help you with any questions or advice.

How do I get started?

1. Register

Apply to be an Affiliate or Referral partner in a few simple steps and receive your unique referral code.

2. Promote

Recommend Veremark to your network using your code and help other companies get started, with a discount. 

3. Get Paid

Grow your Veremark client base and earn commission for 3 years for every successful client that starts spending with Veremark.

Who can join our affiliate & referral programme?

Any HR and other industry professionals

Mention Veremark and our services in your blog, social media, email newsletter, webinar, or client meeting and use your referral link. We track all new clients that originate from your link and pay you a 5% commission.

Any of our clients

Introduce us to other companies to earn recurring commissions from each subscription purchase your referrals make. Recommend any of our products to your network and establish an additional revenue stream for your company.

Have questions? Not sure if you can join?

Please take a look at our frequently asked questions section below. If you can’t find the answer that you are looking for, our team is here to discuss any questions, concerns, or collaboration ideas that you have.

Why your audience will love Veremark?

Veremark is new, exciting and fully cloud based SaaS company, which means that we are easy to promote as we can serve clients anywhere in the world. Our clients enjoy working with us, and by recommending Veremark you can be rest assured that new clients will be in good hands.

Fast turnaround times


A clean and simple digital experience with automated follow-ups provides a straightforward background screening solution to help employers define, understand and manage hiring risks.
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Fully customisable and reliable background screening that can be tailored to any industry and role.  Manage your employment background checks with ease using our configurable platform. 
Detailed Checks Icon

No long contracts

Nothing about the Veremark platform is traditional, so why should our pricing be?  Instead, we offer background checks for employment on a pay-as-you-go basis. So you can request one check, or thousands. Either way, you're not locked in.​
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Dedicated Care

It's in how we design our product. And how we deliver our service​... Customer experience sits at the core of everything we do. Our global support team is at your beck and call to keep your company safe using our employee checking service. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.
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Wide variety of checks

Choose from a comprehensive selection of online background checks for employment which can be used by all industries and sectors. This includes automated reference checks, identity checks, bankruptcy checks, civil background checks, credit checks for employment and so many more.
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Automated Platform

Our digital employee screening service provides real-time updates and notifications on the status of your checks, so you can stay informed and accelerate  your time to hire. 

Here's what our affiliate & referral partners have to say

“Veremark is a great enabler for faster background checks. As an HR professional who has worked in the industry for over 20 years and seen and used many different technology platforms, I have found that Veremark saves a great amount of time in processing background checks. The Veremark team is super nice and helpful, and it is my pleasure to be their client and to recommend them to my network. The commission gained through the affiliate programme is a nice added bonus."

Jason Brown (Best HR Agency)

“As an HR influencer I’m always looking an what’s good and new in the market. Veremark have been changing the HR landscape for good, and it only seemed fair to promote them to others through their affiliate programme so that others too can benefit from using Veremark. The program is well run, the communication is consistent, and they always pay out on time. Just what you want in a great partner programme."

Katherine Johnson (SquareBox HR Media)

High growth businesses like these trust Veremark background checks



Who is eligible to become a Veremark’s Affiliate or referral?
Anybody can become an affiliate or referral with us.
I’m interested. How do I sign up?
Click on the Join our Programme button. You can get started right away.
What happens after I sign up?
You’ll receive an email with your unique code, share it, and make sure your referral uses your code when they sign up with Veremark.
Do you provide help to my referral?
Yes, we would treat them as any other client that comes in. We’d be happy to speak with them before they use our service. The only difference is that they would have your referral code.
Can I use the my referral code for my own Veremark services?
No, the code will only apply to new company registrations, transfers, and services with different shareholder information.
Is there any membership fee involved to promote you?
No. Our program is free to join and we have no monthly fees or minimum sales requirements.
Can I use my referral code to open my second company?
No, the code will only apply to new company registrations, transfers, and services with different shareholder information.
Who should I refer to Veremark?
You can refer any business to Veremark. However, you will only receive commissions on new customers that do not have an active paid account with us already.


What is the payout period? When will I receive my payouts?
At the end of each quarter, we will assess if you are eligible for the payout and will schedule the payment. You will be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. For example, if you get a successful conversion in Q1, the payout will be done in June.
What is the minimum amount of revenue required to receive payout?
An affiliate is eligible for payout once their balance reaches £500 GBP / $1000 SGD. If you do not make over this amount in a given quarter, we will roll over the balance to the next quarter until this minimum threshold is met.
How do I see my previous payments and referrals?​
You can track your payout history and past referrals in the automatic report that will be sent out every quarter.
Can I refer companies only in the United Kingdom and Singapore? How will the payout be arranged?
We welcome all referrals from all countries. Please note the payout will only be available after accumulating £500 GBP / $1000 SGD. You will receive one payout covering all countries.
Is there a limit on how much I can earn?
No. Earn as much as you like! There is no cap on how many referrals you can make. You are encouraged to bring in as many companies as you can.
How is the payout figure calculated?
The total payout figure is calculated as a 5% commission of the Veremark services that your affiliated company/companies have subscribed to and used. Please keep in mind that the 5% commission does not include the disbursement fees i.e. data fees for checks, government fees, and payment processing fees are not included as part of the affiliate commission.


How do I promote Veremark?​
You can promote Veremark in any way you can. Here are some suggestions: - Podcasts - Webinars - Email marketing - Social media posts - Banner ads - Blogs
Will I have access to advertising materials to promote Veremark?​
Yes, you will receive the link to promotion materials via email after you sign up.

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