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Quick guide to Global Sanctions Checks

With all industries and sectors at risk of being exploited for money laundering or terrorist financing, Global Sanctions checks are crucial to comply with AML regulations, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Patriot Act and many other international legislations in the UK, Europe, US and worldwide.

Quick guide to Credit Checks

Pre-employment credit checks are a useful tool in mitigating the risk of fraud, by uncovering bad financial situations, and although a positive credit check doesn’t guarantee that a candidate is trustworthy, it might bring up red flags which could cast doubt over a candidates suitability for a role which requires access to data, money, company accounts or assets.

Quick guide to ID Checks

Pre-employment identity checks are comprised of two elements, the first confirms the attributed identity of the candidate, including their name, age and place of birth, and the second verifies the biographical identity, such as address history and country of residence.

Quick guide to Reference Checks

The latest reference checks can be accessed from any mobile device, providing a much more convenient experience for the referee, and resulting in a higher response rate (up to 85%). Digital reference checks can also be carried out in an average turnaround time of 48 hours.

We are delighted to announce that Veremark has integrated with LinkedIn Talent Hub

The LinkedIn Talent Hub integration with Veremark gives customers the ability to streamline the hiring workflow by automating the pre-employment screening process through a fast, secure and superior digital experience.

Background screening in the hospitality and retail sector

With most retail and hospitality on pause during lockdown, the world is now beginning to open and return to work as the government announces easing of lockdown measures. While this is a positive step, it also means that employers will need swift solutions for screening new staff members to reduce time to hire and meet their labour needs.

Gig workers - what checks are needed

The gig economy has been growing rapidly over the last few years, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic will force many more people into contract work.

How do you make background checks as simple and cost effective as possible

As the world begins to emerge from lockdown and returns to work, many companies are restarting operations which, due to the uncertainty of coronavirus, have been on a break.

How industries will change their hiring / checking process post covid19

While recruitment has seen a brief hiatus in some industries during lockdown, many other industries, for example healthcare, have had to increase to meet demand. And with other sectors now beginning to come out of lockdown, recruitment is set to see a boom as the economy gets back on its feet.

What is blockchain and how does it benefit background checking

Blockchain is revolutionising the way we carry out transactions, as well as how we store and manage data, but what is it and how can we use it to benefit background checking?


Background screening in the Fintech sector

With Fintech leading the way as one of the most disruptive sectors in the business world, employers are having to move quickly to keep up with regulatory and industry changes while still exploiting opportunities when recruiting the top talent.

Top 5 talents needed in banking and the experiences to check for

The banking sector is one of the most rapidly changing industries, with digitisation transforming roles, creating new opportunities, and altering the expectations of both employees and employers.

What is blockchain and how does it benefit background checking

Blockchain is revolutionising the way we carry out transactions, as well as how we store and manage data, but what is it and how can we use it to benefit background checking?

The benefits of a career passport

A career passport can improve the onboarding experience for both candidates and employers, as well as provide HR departments with useful information throughout employment, but what is it and how does it work?

The growing use of messaging platforms in recruitment and onboarding

The use of SMS in marketing is commonplace, and the recruitment sector is beginning to catch on with many HR departments recognising the value of the humble text message. But while SMS messaging is highly effective, other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are also gaining traction, particularly with the recent increase in remote working.

HR Pain Points of Background Checking

Implementing an HR system can be time consuming and costly, and getting it wrong could have severe consequences. Companies must get it right first time, so that deadlines, budget considerations and compliance can be met.

4 Background Checks Your Organization Should Be Doing on Contractors

What approach should employers take to background checking contractors? Below we have listed the various types of background checks that should be performed on contractors.

How Reliable are Free Online Background Checks?

Are free online background checks reliable enough for pre-employment screening?

Beware, 6 Types of Candidates Who May Escape Pre-employment Screening

However rigorous your background screening process, some candidates will always try to evade the process.


Getting Started with the Greenhouse Integration

An explanation of how to set up and start using Veremark on the Greenhouse ATS

Case Studies

Schneider Electric Case Study

Schneider Electric is an energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. 

RGF Case Study

RGF is the global brand of Recruit Holdings, the world’s fourth largest HR and recruitment services company and the largest in Japan, generating over US$16 billion in annual net sales.

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