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Should You Background Check Existing Employees?

Here are several scenarios where background checks are appropriate and in some cases, legally mandated.

The growing use of messaging platforms in recruitment and onboarding

The use of SMS in marketing is commonplace, and the recruitment sector is beginning to catch on with many HR departments recognising the value of the humble text message. But while SMS messaging is highly effective, other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are also gaining traction, particularly with the recent increase in remote working.

The benefits of a career passport

A career passport can improve the onboarding experience for both candidates and employers, as well as provide HR departments with useful information throughout employment, but what is it and how does it work?

HR Pain Points of Background Checking

Implementing an HR system can be time consuming and costly, and getting it wrong could have severe consequences. Companies must get it right first time, so that deadlines, budget considerations and compliance can be met.

GDPR – 8 Key Questions That HR Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Here are 8 key questions that HR professionals should ask themselves about GDPR

How To Do International Background Checks

How and why growing businesses should develop a global screening program to cover international workers

4 Digital Talent Acquisition Strategies for Financial Services Firms

After the fintech phenomenon, the big banks are embarking on a top-down digital transformation of the industry too.

Why Digital Transformations Fail and What Lessons Can Be Learned.

With Billions being invested in Digital Transformation, how much is just hype and what can we learn from why transformations fail?

How Reliable are Free Online Background Checks?

Are free online background checks reliable enough for pre-employment screening?


What To Do If A Candidate Reference Check Reveals a Problem

An effective pre-employment screening process will, occasionally, yield a bad reference. However, it may still be appropriate to hire the employee, in certain circumstances`

4 Exciting Ways Artificial Intelligence is Being Deployed in HR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are now being discreetly deployed throughout the HR process.

Why Reference Checking Is Vital To Protect Your Culture

With the rate of CV fabrication increasing, character references are as important today as they have ever been

How To Do International Background Checks

How and why growing businesses should develop a global screening program to cover international workers

How To Recruit After Venture Capital Funding

The ability to effectively scale your business operation following venture capital funding is crucial.

Right-to-Work Background Check UK, Now and Post Brexit

Navigating the post Brexit UK 'Right to Work' background checking process

How Digitising HR is the way Forward for a Candidate Experience

How firms are using emerging technologies to revitalise the candidate experience

Oil and Gas 4.0: How To Attract The Digital Talent of Tomorrow

The digital revolution has now reached the shores of the Oil and Gas sector, having a huge impact on the hiring of top talent

Talent Acquisition Strategies for the Offshore Marine Sector

5 Talent Acquisition Strategies to Solve Your Skills Gap in the Offshore Marine Sector

Employee value in the Oil & Gas Sector

Does The Oil and Gas Sector Need To Urgently Upgrade Its Employee Value Proposition?


Getting Started with the Greenhouse Integration

An explanation of how to set up and start using Veremark on the Greenhouse ATS

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