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Global HR solutions at your fingertips

WorkMotion helps mid-sized companies in Europe to onboard, pay, and manage talent in a fast and compliant way so they can build global teams and work efficiently without the barriers of borders and legal hassles.

Country Custom Workflows

For every country where you want to hire in, you need to understand their local regulations for standard and recommended contract components. Our software platform builds country-specific workflows within a few minutes and is consistently updated with the latest country labour rules and regulations.

Country Guides

Our platform is integrated with comprehensive employment and legal knowledge for over 160+ countries - enabling HR administrators to hire compliantly. You have access to all the information required about probation periods, paid time off, notice periods, and more. This will provide you with a peace of mind, knowing you are aligned with each country’s employment standards.

Onboarding Timeline

Transparency is key for HR administrators, especially when it comes to global hiring. We provide a detailed timeline showing all onboarding steps along with real-time status updates. This ensures a smooth and stress-free onboarding process for your international workforce.

Workmotion + Veremark are a strong future partnership

Workmotion and Veremark enable the best global employment experience possible. With Workmotion you get streamlined international hiring, onboarding and human resource management without any local presence. Veremark's background checking helps you hire the right candidates faster. Now your business can be truly global.

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