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Manage your global team like a pro

We’re your trusted partner for expanding your team across borders.
Hire, pay, and care for teammates around the world with Oyster.

Hire anyone, anywhere

Impress your People Ops team and attract top talent with a slick and seamless hiring process.

Pay your global team in over 120 currencies

Save time and keep your team happy with fully compliant international payments.

Help your team succeed at what they do, wherever they are

Retain your team with top-tier care and support. Provide them with competitive benefits and tools to empower their work-from-anywhere journey.

Oyster + Veremark are a strong future partnership

Oyster and Veremark enable the best global employment experience possible. Hire, pay and care for top talent anywhere in the world, with the confidence that they will be fully screened avoiding unexpected surprises. It’s better for business. Better for people.

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