Want to guarantee your workforce are who they say they are?

1 in 5 people provide inaccurate, misleading or false information on their resume. Whether on-site or offshore - that's a risk you can not take.

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Accelerate your placement with your own Career Passport

Veremark's Career Passport lets you take your verified credentials with you wherever you go. Start working faster.

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Verified on the blockchain

Identity, education and qualification check

Verifies national ID documents as well as education and professional qualifications. All can be permanently stored on the blockchain for secure future reference.

Employment history check

Verifies the last few years of employment history. In addition to dates, place and employment role, this check will validate the credibility of verifiers and time stamp the authentication into the career passport.

Criminal and global sanctions check

Identifies reputation or political risk by checking against the criminal and global sanctions list along with over 300 data sources including Interpol, FBI watchlists and serious crime.

Press and social media check

Designed to look for behaviour inconsistent with the values of employers. This check provides additional value in countries where police records are poor or inaccessible.

A career passport for the energy sector

Veremark gathers and verifies hard-to-access candidate information, then stores onto a blockchain based career passport. Available to all workers in the sector, the career passport enables workers to move between employers without them having to perform repeat checks. This means lower hiring costs for employers and workers getting on the job faster.

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