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A new, streamlined digital identity experience has arrived for DBS and RTW Checks!

The UK Government’s original announcement outlined intentions to enable organizations known as Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) to carry out identity checks on behalf of the employer - this was a significant development. As of the 1st October (and the end of temporary right to work (RTW) checks), employers can use a trusted organization such as Veremark to digitally verify the identity of a British and Irish resident (with a valid passport). For RTW checks, this approach is a key step in obtaining a statutory excuse and defence against any illegal worker. This new approach, which can also be taken for DBS checks, provides a safer and more accurate way, intended to speed up the hiring and onboarding process and assists organizations after the pandemic, especially as more companies have adopted remote working. 

We’re excited to be able to offer this new,  streamlined digital identity experience which enhances our current UK criminal record check and right to work services. We’ve partnered with Hooyu, a UK Government certified ID check partner, to ensure our services fall within the new government Digital Identity Trust Framework. This exciting development, removes the need for any manual checking of documents (for British or Irish passport holders) for employers and offers the best onboarding and candidate experience possible. Using a solution aligned to the trust framework through a certified government IDSP –  mitigates risk, and confirms the identities of individuals using consistent and more secure methods. 

In this update, we provide an overview of the latest elements of this new check and what this looks like for you.

Overview of the new digital identity experience  

The HooYu ID check is performed by the candidate as part of both the UK RTW and Criminal Record checks, but only for candidates who indicate on the form that they have a current British or Irish passport.

‘Identity Validation’ replaces the standard document upload section in this instance:

If the candidate does not have a current British or Irish passport - the document upload form will be presented and the standard documents will be uploaded to be then reviewed by Veremark and approved by the client.


Specifically for the RTW check, we will be asking candidates to provide a share code that can then be checked by our team. For candidates who can't provide a sharecode, the document upload form will be presented and the standard documents will be uploaded to be then reviewed by Veremark and approved by the client.  

During the ID Check

During the ID check, the candidate will be asked to perform a liveness check (using their mobile device or webcam) and then scan ID documents using their mobile device or by uploading them from a computer.  Each step of the identity checking process is scored, and results in a ‘confidence score’.

Standard and Enhanced DBS checks require a ‘High’ confidence score, whereas basic DBS and RTW checks require a ‘Medium’ confidence.


The ID check Result is displayed alongside the image on the candidate profile page.


The same result (including candidate image) can also be downloaded as a PDF report.

Video Walkthrough

Candidates and clients can take a walkthrough of the DBS with ID journey 

Should you  have any questions, reach out to your account manager who will gladly support you on the process.

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