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A better way to report on checks

To simplify how we report on checks, both to improve the efficiency of our delivery team and to improve the experience for our clients, we want a check status matrix with fewer options that works consistently for all checks.

The old way

Previously we had over 10 types of ‘discrepancy’ available for each check, 7 different colour codes and 8 different statuses with a different selection available for different types of check.

The discrepancy and status were also independent of each other, which creates hundreds of possible results. The potential for confusion with this amount of choice was too much.

There is also the multiple usage of the word ‘discrepancy’ which can be misleading and confusing.

To simplify how we report on checks we want a check status matrix with fewer options that works consistently for all checks and helps our clients diagnose actions required as quickly as possible.

Main changes we have made:

Removing the need to select a discrepancy & status for each check.

Reduce the number of colour codes

Reduce the number of possible statuses

Tie the status of the check to the overall stage

The request now remains in progress until all the checks have been given a Completed, Review, or Closed check status. A request can't move to the final stage whilst any check is either in-progress or paused.  

Improving the display of check status to the client.  

A paused check status should pause the TAT timer of the overall request.

Introducing: Simplified status matrix

With the new simplified status matrix, we have reduced the color codes to just 4 and the number of statuses to 6.

We also renamed some of the statuses as they were too specific so they are displayed in a more clear way.

The “Discrepancy” option will continue to be available on the “Requests” page so you can get used to the new status- when you filter, it will most likely display “Review” or “In progress”, depending if there is missing information or no response at all from the candidate and/or referees. We will remove eventually-but always let you know first.

The new status and colors won’t affect prior requests - so we do not confuse you in the process. It may be that you see different candidate profile formats in the meantime.

In Red, you can understand what was removed, in Green what was added

Current Simplified
  • Requested
  • In Progress
  • Discrepency
  • Stopped
  • Missing Information Required
  • Pending for Reply
  • On hold - currently employed
  • Completed
  • Requested
  • In Progress
  • Paused
  • Review
  • Closed
  • Completed
Color Codes
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Grey

Below you can check an example of these changes:

If you have any questions, reach your account manager who will gladly support you in the process.

Best regards,

Dan and the Veremark team

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