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It's halfway through a year in which our industry has seen a tremendous amount of change. As a result of forces such as Covid-19 and the state of global economies, hiring practices have transformed substantially. In economies where businesses are hiring, they now have to contend with changing lifestyle and work expectations as well as cater for better a candidate experience.  

Just take the changes to the UK Right to Work Check requirements as an example.  The government's approach has changed multiple times during the last couple of months alone. And rightly so, the current situation requires a new level of responsiveness and agility.

Other major changes include the way in which companies approach background screening. Called the Career Passport, Veremark's new blockchain-based approach to career credential management has been adopted by many of the major BPOs, amongst others.

In this month's newsletter, we deep dive into the changes in UK legislation, update you on our exciting new SmartRecruiter integration and help you calculate your potential online referencing ROI.

Hiring Legislation Changes for the UK

In alignment with easing lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures in the UK, the government is reverting back to the use of face-to-face and physical document checks as of 31 August 2021.  Learn everything you need to know below.

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Veremark & SmartRecruiters Integrate

Achieve hiring success with the new SmartRecruiters/Veremark integration. Request checks straight from your SmartRecruiters portal and enjoy full visibility of the status of each check with all data housed in one environment - the smart way to automate employment background checks!

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45%+ ROI on Automated Reference Checks

Something simple like automating reference checks could save you time and money. Some of our clients report as much as a 45% ROI.

To see what your specific business could save, try our Reference Check ROI Calculator here.

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