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Background screening history was made yesterday - when some of the world's largest BPOs came together and agreed to adopt a new way of background checks...

Well, technically it's still the same process. It's just at less cost, less wastage, less duplication. Plus it's safer, faster and more efficient.

Called the Career Passport, you can learn more about Veremark's new blockchain-based approach to career credential management by checking out this e-book.

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Hiring Remotely?

It's our most popular Hiring Guide by far: Background Screening Guide for Remote Hiring.

Designed to help you gauge which pre-employment checks you need for your remote hires, it covers everything from job seniority level to check turnaround times.

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How much could you save?

Something simple like automating reference checks could save you big time. But just how much are we talking here?

Try our Reference Check ROI Calculator here.

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