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How it works

From quick signup to superior candidate experience, our process ensures secure and scalable background checking.

After an easy signup, the employer can easily request international background checks

Simply select the required checks, make any necessary customisations and enter the candidate’s details.


The candidate receives the request and responds

Candidates securely submit all documents and are kept up to date with their progress through notifications and nudges. Our processes are fully GDPR and PDPA compliant.

Candidate receiving a notification on their phone

Veremark coordinates with data sources and feedback providers

We connect securely with global providers and candidate’s nominees, ensuring all data is fully verified.

Verification Services

Document scanning and facial biometrics through the Veremark app deliver convenient and compliant data collection.

Referees and Verifiers

Veremark contacts nominated persons through email or SMS, who are then asked to provide candidate feedback.

Government Records

Several checks involve the use of searchable government agencies, which all comply with data protection regulations.

Data Sources

Veremark work with leading industry partners to collect any required verifiable additional data.


Veremark generates a report which is delivered to the employer

The report comprises all check results and provides valuable insights into the candidate, presented in a shareable and professional format.

Screen grab of a veremark generated reportScreen grab of a veremark background check results

Veremark’s Career Passport is blockchain verified

This ensures that credentials remain secure and fully auditable, creating a compliant document which can assist in future checking decisions and remove unnecessary rechecks.

Veremark's career passport shown on the app

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