Candidate Support

Do you integrate with other ATS services?

These will be coming very soon.

How to import candidate details?

Currently you can upload candidate details by csv file, the best way of doing this is to download the csv template from the new request page.

What should I include in the note to referee?

It may be useful to ask referees to focus on certain parts of the candidates personality or skill set. You may also want to give some context to how the feedback will be used.

What should I include in the note to candidate?

It is a good idea to tell the candidate if there are certain type of referees you would want to hear from I.e. ‘Your most recent line-managers’. You can also mention any key dates or milestones.

What if the candidate doesn’t respond?

The candidate will be sent automated reminders if they haven’t submitted referees in an agreed timeframe. You can contact them directly if the request is sufficiently overdue.

How do I share a report?

Navigate to the candidate profile and click on ’share’ in the top right-hand corner. This will present you with a link (also copied to your clipboard) that you can copy and share over email. The candidate profile and any available reports will be shared, any notes you make will not be shared.

How do I cancel an in-progress request?

If you wish to cancel an in-progress request, simply find the correct request ID row in the requests dashboard and click the delete (rubbish bin) icon. This will send an automated response to the candidate informing them of the cancellation.

How many hires does your company typically make per year?